A video project - fun and serious... but more fun.

Here is a simple challenge for you to strut your video stuff... you have it in you... beginners are welcome to give hotshots a run for their money.

You have until Nov 16 to create a short video about what is in your disaster "Go Bag" ... do it ... have fun ... join the Creation Nation...  impress your friends and your kids and yourself...!

Use this list for what's in your bag.

Here is a Twitter-sized post to share...

Do you have your “Go Bag” before the hurricane? Create a video to share and win stuff #GoRedCross http://www.savingzombies.com

Really. There is no better time to give your smartphone video a try.

Oh, and you gotta be impressed with this wild new  Red Cross "Saving Zombies" site and promo attitude (Go Kat!)