Re-evalute Truth Thru The Chaos

Key Point: The truth about your customers is hard to keep up with. Sharing will provide answers and it starts with your internal teams.

The heads of Marketing have an average tenure of only 2 years because it is near-impossible to fulfill on their promise of managing communications across departments and across the Media chaos.  It's not (all) their fault but they get blamed. What they need is more sharing and help from across the company. Simply because If your business model is over several years old, you are not alligned to the new Web (and Mobile Economy.

One method to true alignment is by admitting that Digital needs to be at the center of all strategy for Marketing and Operations. As Jim Collins writes in his new book “Great By Choice,” companies that succeed in times of chaos are those that recognize the way through this paradox is with fanatic discipline, empirical creativity, and a hyper-aware, proactive approach.  

So... If you are struggling with Digital, New Media, and Mobile re-evaluation, re-alignment, re-almost everything... get help from your most independent-minded employees and vendors. Encourage conversation where legacy business methods are honored but questioned and evolved. 

An example of "Truth" in action is sharing Social Media results across your company. Being "Transparent" starts internally - because everyone finds out everything these days anyway!

The CMO Club's recent Report shows that CMOs use data to drive smarter decisions beyond marketing. Below is a chart of a good start but we can do a better job of sharing (and trusting) other departments...