Proud (BIC) Parents of a Mobile App - Timbre

Isn't it great when your kids do well? ... and all you needed to give them was a loving and supportive environment ...

The team from Agency Intrepid entered and won the 2012 BIC - Boston Innovation Challenge - hackathon with a very smart and cool project ...they recently released it as an iPhone App called Timbre  - "The Band Discovery App That Lets Music Find You." Congratulations!!

Intrepid founder, Mark Kasdorf just added this comment, "Thanks a ton for being the reason Timbre exists."  - Go BIC!!

We produced the Boston Innovation Challenge with the Boston Globe and Harvard i-Lab to convene the best mobile developers and related tech companies to help each other and many organizations like the Red Cross (who ended up with tied 2nd place teams designing amazing disaster preparedness Mobile projects).

An Idea... From a Real Need

Here is a quote from BIC Judge and Berklee student, Jake Pardee (above on the right talking with Intrepid's CTO, Matt Bridges): “As a member of the music scene in Boston I challenged the participants of the Boston Innovation Challenge to create a mobile application that could promote independent concerts. I was amazed to see my simple and vague presentation lead to the creation of a beautiful mobile app that uses one’s location to see all of the shows happening tonight. By combining the data of Jambase and Spotify, music fans can preview music before deciding where to go. The designers and developers of all the Teams displayed exceptional professionalism and commitment to community problem solving. The power of collaboration was apparent at BIC and I was thrilled to be a part of this intensely creative event.”

The pride lives on from all the "kids" at BIC... 

Here is a quote from Kat Powers, Director of Communications, American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts“I am so excited other folks get that “innovation” and “American Red Cross” go together like Charles and River or perhaps “Boston” and “Innovation.” Our participation in the Boston Innovation Challenge has really stirred up some great collaborations we know will help serve our humanitarian mission.”