Social Works For Business - Are you Socializing?

I can guarantee that your company will benefit from going "Social." 

Because being a "Social" business is NOT about Social Networks and constantly managing your Facebook page (but you should if your customers are there) ... being "Social" still means what it always did... to listen and participate. 

You know you will benefit from more of this - but it's hard to maintain. However, now with Digital services, it is easier to manage learning from and reacting to your customers.

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Key Word = LISTEN

The CMO Club's recent Report (full Report here) shows these main points for why they go Social...

• Social data impacts decisions for nearly all CMOs. Almost half of CMOs have used social data to make predictions or forecasts,

CMOs believe social reveals consumer sentiment and improves brand awareness. CMOs are most confident in social data analysis of product/service sentiment, and in its impact on overall brand loyalty and awareness.

• CMOs use data to drive smarter decisions beyond marketing. While marketing teams and agencies most often uncover the data itself, insights are used in product development, customer experience, sales, and C-level discussions.... Here is where else internally...

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