How to Get UNJUNKED...

1) Decide to do good 

2) Make candy less bad 
3) Market the hell out of it

Get Unreal - - is a new candy company that is succeeding on all 3.

This 4:00 video is a trip... Watch it BEFORE you read Mediapost's Larry Dobrow's very dark (chocolate?) side of it HERE...

"You know something's delicious when Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen, Matt Damon, John Legend, and Jack Dorsey all say it is. UNREAL has unjunked Americas favorite candy. No corn syrup, no artificials, no hydrogenated oils, no preservatives, no GMOs, less sugar, more protein and fiber."

- See coverage to get details
- See to get hungry for HTML5 magic

BONUS (actually, the point):

YouTube Video is the best way to share information and attitude.
The hotshot producer is Casey Neistat - kind of a "Spicoli 2.0

See his ad for Nike that is not an Ad but is an Ad:
Didya notice details like the chosen thumbnail "poster frame" for each video?

BONUS (actually, the real point):
Will this stuff sell stuff?
These clever media will definitely build awareness of product and attitude with a certain target customer but the true hard part is getting the product into their hands. Unreal has done the more amazing but less glamorous job of distribution to 30,000 stores!

Here is a look at a persona (thanks to Collective's 2012 Video Metrics Report) of a likely buyer that would prefer to get UnJunked and watches YouTube more than TV.