Web Trick #323 and #324

Hey Miranda - Is #323 an accurate count?

Hey Folks - are you doing stuff like this for every one of your new site visitors? Offering value (that's a $2 off coupon below), using Web tools and tricks, and taking names!

Green Door Chicago is welcoming people with an offer thru Facebook or just an email ... and their yelp* for a more targeted community (eaters!) ... for Web Trick #324

1) This is easy for every site (not just restaurants) ... a little "cookie code sniffer" is used to confirm if the person is new or an old friend... and delivers the right first message... and offers value, coupon, and a promise or two

2) I do not know what the "*" means in the yelp* logo but they are the best and deserve a "*" - have you used Yelp* Mobile!? Again... (not just restaurants)

3) In Chicago? Green Door has great food and authentic stuff from it's Speakeasy days. Share this video with your office buds next time y'all head to the Rush Street area. Let's call your own video Web Trick # 325 (even if it was one of the first Web Tricks)