Silo Shmilo

The head of Marketing has an average tenure of only 2 years because it is near-impossible to do what they need to do first... align departments (silos!) for efficient cross-company marketing and communications. It's not their fault but they get blamed.

One method to true alignment is by admitting that "Digital" needs to be at the center of all strategy for Marketing and operations. Since this is a huge topic, let's start with some New Media advice from Maryam Banikarim, CMO & SVP, Gannett. 

See her 9 slides HERE

This is an excerpt from #5

As Jim Collins writes in his new book “Great By Choice,” companies that succeed in times of chaos are those that recognize the way through this paradox is with fanatic discipline, empirical creativity, and a hyper-aware, proactive approach. There is no magic silver bullet. Patience rules.

The point...

Mastering the new-media ecosystem takes more than a strategy. It’s about fundamentally changing the way you operate and how you think, and then making a new start to meet the needs of an evolved media paradigm. To do that, you have to understand and apply some basic guiding principles and put them in play every day, in every media cycle, in what you do and how you serve your consumers. Here are nine rules that can help media companiesand brands, in generalunderstand and navigate the transforming landscape