Kickstarter Kicks Ask

You can support a Kickstarter project with as little as $1

But what is your idea you want to get "crowd-funded"...!? Everyone will be doing it... really ... No, really, really.

Below are secrets to success, inspiration from one of the projects I funded called the Molecular Synth... which I call Molly... and then a video on how Kickstarter works... and then a very informative panel discussion from a few successes.

For yours, you will want to see the "what I wish I knew before" from 5 successful Kickstarts...and read these 6 elements of their ($85k!) success from Bike Gotham - and here is their recent presentation:

See how Travis had fun with his video about "Molly"....

Now here is a Kickstarter overview:

Watch three successful crowd funders open up and give great advice at the MasssInnovation event:

Here are some links mentioned:
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