Social ... Good

The Social Media revolution is doing a few good things well... but just a few for the B2B crowd ... since IDC research says B2B Social Network marketing is not the best way to influence sales. The 199 tech buyers studied prefer events and sales calls, then checking out the vendor's website. All good old-fashioned , analog methods.Just replace site-review with brochure-reading and we are talking about the same methods since the dawn business.

That's fine - as both a fan and critic of New Media, I say "know your audience" and use the tools they use. 

FYI - their next best resources were in this order - Search, digital events/webinars, email, Social Media, direct mail.

I am assuming that these 199 tech buyers are older decision-makers since hey are not yet participating - only 21% are Blogging and 11% use Twitter. 

So what is Social marking's real value to these folks? It is forcing companies to listen and start really hearing what heir employees, customers and prospects are saying about them. Now they get the blunt truth as they re-visit their Strategic Sweet Spot and clarify what they provide their customers that their competitors don't.

Learn how to be more social and how to use the facebook and the Twitter, and the LinkedIn... learn social for the under 40 year olds... and young minded ... and the most likely to be willing to switch to your product/service!

Reach the audience you are missing by getting help and using these efficient and effective new tools and services correctly...

 Thanks Chris Madden and CartoonStock