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Marketing Optimization... hmmm... perhaps it is most valuable when Marketing is Optimized for the customer more than the Marketer.

So, how do Marketers get it right? Our partners at Pluris Marketing (a friend of Marketers who don't want their customers to hate them) have figured it out... they do it all and make everyone happy!

Pluris, a Marketing Optimization and Strategy firm, has perfected their platform and methods with major media companies and retailers to provide dynamic, data-driven, marketing expense reduction and sales improvement. 

It's "Big Data" but with very targeted results ... lower costs of all customer touchpoints ... maximizing offer margins ... happier clients!

The magic is that they can deliver across channels, media, and departments ... AND real-time data (not batched) for today's mobile customer.

See more on 20 slides about Channel and Offer Optimization including customer examples and solution screens shots at  

We talk a lot about "Marketing Optimization" because there are some pretty intense forces at play here: 

... customer wants  vs. needs ...  product availability vs. supply chain inefficiencies  vs. fashion fickleness ... customer service for loyalty  vs. harassment ... accurate data availability vs. proper allocation  vs. privacy and security ... Big Data knowledge vs. real wisdom applied to little successes ... corporate silos of stubborn protection  vs. honorable integration and harmony ... promotions  vs. preferences ...  journalism content  vs. community content vs friend content  vs. sales content ... our economy needing buying activity  vs. fear of fear itself  vs. over-indulgence  vs. ... lots.

Did you catch, "corporate silos of stubborn protection  vs. honorable integration and harmony" ...!?