5 Smart Points to get you Mobilized

Please excuse me... but do you care that your website sucks when your customers go to it from their mobile phone or tablet? You should fix that or they will go to your competitor that does care.

Mashable provides at least 5 more compelling reasons (if that one above isn't enough) on why Mobile is no longer a nice-to-have in "Habits of Highly Effective Mobile Marketers"... it's about advertising on mobile devices and providing smart mobile experiences. 

Also - check out 2 short and informative videos from our recent workshop on Mobile Strategy and Actions.

Here are 5 "Smart" points to inspire you to dig deeper ... because you have already started your Mobile Marketing plan... right!?

1) One thing that “mobile hasn’t changed is the process for solving problems. Consistent success doesn’t begin with a technology. It comes from identifying actionable consumer insights, business objectives and the experiential message to communicate.”

2) Companies are looking for agencies that have a comprehensive understanding of the mobile space, including back-end tech, application and site design and development, media, search, ad creative and analytics.

3) “Skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it’s already been.” ...
The advertising puck is careening towards mobile. Mobile is no longer a “nice to have” — it’s often at the core of everything, if not always first. It has changed far more than consumer behavior, transcending its role as a connection and convergence device, and “impacting business through customer service, ecommerce, awareness and more

4) One common thread across all best practices for mobile marketing is contextual relevance. Research reports and pilot case studies consistently show that performance increases exponentially by any and all metrics, when the media plan and ad creative leverage context to deliver a relevant experience.” . . . That kind of relevance is shown to perform. When marketers leverage contextual information, they are able to understand the wants and needs of consumers who are already in-market for a product or service and help to move an interested consumer further down the marketing funnel


5) Reality calls for an integrated approach to mobility, not a separate strategy. Mobile is a full-funnel solution.