Wednesday Morning - Learn to Tame The Web (and Gull)

Hi Neighbor and any business person! - Here is an invite (and a discount code) to an important event Wednesday morning ... NXNS is the only Web conference on the North Shore of Boston!

Come out to "North By North Shore" to learn about the facts and the tricks for smart Web Marketing. Prepare your hardest questions for fun and blunt professionals sharing their best secrets to save you time and money with your Email, Search, Blogging, Social, and Mobile (Larry from Ballast Lane will clear up the chaos of Mobile Marketing)

See details of NXNS at

Register with code - dc613 - for a 20% discount... because we are neighborly!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012, 7:00AM - 10:30 AM
Danversport Yacht Club, 161 Elliott Street, Danvers, MA. -  Map

Experience over 3 hours of advice and open discussion (no sales pitches) about practical, actionable insights to improve your 2012 Digital efforts for sales results.

I will be moderating the closing panel discussion to attempt to pull it all together at "The Present Future of Media" with a really great cross-section of cross-media experts:
    - David Dahl, Regional Editor, Boston Globe and Your Town
    - Corissa St. Laurent, Regional Development Director, Constant Contact 
    - Erik Shifflett, Senior Marketing Manager, Comcast Business Services

Also check out our friends Wednesday evening at MassInnovation Nights up the road at Cummings.

Here is a 1-minute explanation that gets it right on the nose:

Give a name for our Gull mascot and win a prize!
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