Great Day at NXNS!

See the action from dozens of presentations about 
marketing and sales lessons using all media
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What a fantastic day at NorthByNorthShore meeting great people and learning tips and tricks about how to really use the Web, Email, Social, Mobile, etc. for business (and pleasure)!

Ed and I applaud the speakers for their sharing and the audience for their participation. We all learn together about the opportunities of these evolving New Media .

And a special Thank you to our sponsors!

Take a look at the depth of our presentations.., Here are video excerpts from the Ballast Lane workshop on Mobile Strategy and Action - Share this video and more with this link:

Great Presentations all Day

The key points were expressed during my closing "Media Panel" discussion with Corissa St. Laurent, Regional Development Director for Constant Contact... the trick is to learn enough to choose the right Digital tools to make your online marketing easier with the smallest possible investment of time and money... it is also advisable to get help from a trusted vendor that can understand your particular needs and guide you thru the most relevant projects to reach your goals of taking better advantage of the Web.

Interesting... this is why North By North Shore exists!!

I also want to thank the other two panelists for their insights on the big picture of Media. Erik Shifflett, Senior Marketing Manager for Comcast Business Class (working the mic in the shot above), reminded us that measuring our customer's activities across all the media that THEY prefer is the best way to understand how to service them. David Dahl, Regional Editor of the Boston Globe, also shed light on the intersection between print and digital publishing that is evolving for more efficient consumption for readers and "earned" communications for advertisers. Convenience first... commerce follows.

Great lessons for all businesses!

See our next events with the North Shore Tech Council ( Bring your partners... clients... prospects into the conversation ... and we all will help each other DO DIGITAL RIGHT!