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I am David Cutler ... summarizing my Creative Technology services that I provide through a trusted network of partners like Creative Business Development and Beacon Street Partners.

I setup this page off of this EatMedia site to continue our conversation about your Marketing and Sales goals. 

I work with companies like Verizon, Viacom, Comcast, Boston Globe, and the Web startups they fear ... and need.

My specialty is Big Integrated Marketing Ideas that require many small moves. I manage business development and multimedia projects to leverage existing assets and incorporate custom developed solutions that fulfill several agendas ... increase awareness,  motivate communities, and regularly sell stuff. 

I inspire equal partnership in short and long-term goals.

As a Digital Strategist (that also gets it done), I solve problems by making the right connections to both ideas and the resources to deploy quietly or with a bang. Many of my projects include thought-leadership on Traditional Media's transition to New Media through presentations and hands-on workshop sessions for clients, partners, sales people, and prospects. See examples and testimonials here

Here are 5 items to discuss:

1 - See a slide show about my noble mobile cause... Cooleaf will help any company engage employees and build a community of culture and collaboration

2 - My presentation on Marketing-minded Sales -

3 - You are invited to play in our Digital Labs "Sandbox" - see some demo videos at

4 - A discussion starter - Chaos... Admit it

5 - Most important - What is your Strategic Sweet Spot...?... What do you provide your customers that your competitors cannot?

Below are a few client case studies of my projects across industries and Media...

- Positioning across the ecosystem - Verizon not only has a new logo but also a new attitude about engaging all their employees across a connected workplace. We are helping them source and harness the most relevant and nimble technologies, including integrated (that's the hard part) Digital Signage and Mobile Apps to build morale and productivity.
- Touchpoints of Value - As CEO of International media network, SitourUSA, my job was to discover the best new "engagement technologies" and package the most effective advertising and promotion methods that provide value to an audience all year and all day. In this case, to the Upscale Actives at destination resorts like Vail, Snowbird, Tahoe, and Stratton. Location Based Services are at the center of the traveler's lives so we integrate consumer touchpoints across multimedia - Printed Posters and Billboards, Events, Web, Kiosks, Digital Screens, and Smartphone Apps that deliver custom experiences at the right place and time 

- Multimedia Director and Ambassador - As producer of the Boston Innovation Challenge series of tech "hackathon" events, I am at the center of the community outreach to participants and Sponsors. Powered by the Boston Globe and Harvard, we use all forms of media to bring together the best technical designers, business minds, and supporting organizations from inside corporations, between schools, and across the region. Teams are formed (and connections are made) to tackle important issues such as leveraging access to "Big Data" with the City of Boston and creating Mobile Apps to help the Red Cross more effectively communicate their message and save more lives.  

- Multi-Platform Engagement for Smarter Sales - 
We are helping Comcast fulfill on their agenda of "Telling Not Selling" by producing a series of community-building, knowledge-sharing events live and on the Web. See a video at North By North Shore  

- Mobile Phones and Digital Signage in Action - Here are just some of our great Interactive and Mobile activities that we are deploying with agencies like Ogilvy and partners like Time Warner, Coke, Kodak, Siemens,  Yahoo, ... etc.
- Saving the planet with Mobile -  Preserve lives up to it’s motto “Nothing Wasted, Everything Gained” by providing consumers and brands like Whole Foods with recycling solutions resulting in superior products (get a toothbrush!). We are bringing their proven system to corporations and partners through multimedia including the My Gimme 5 mobile mobile phone experience to make it easier to participate with the "Gimme 5" recycling program plus other important and fun community projects: find a drop off location, check-in at retailers, learn about recycling and products, nominate local heroes, buy now with m-commerce, etc. See a testimonial video here.

- Convincing an entire Community Both Inside and Out  - 
Sun / Oracle wanted their new "Startup Essentials" program to engage all of the Web ecosystem - startups, services, investors, media, and sponsors... while also inspiring their internal sales force with hands-on team dialogue and workshops.  We increased market awareness 400% (5% to 20%) by managing integrated multimedia campaigns from strategy to deployment - including market analysis, media buying, search, and "Influencer" outreach with Social Media and live event production. Key partners include: XconomyCambridge Innovation CenterBoston GlobeMassTLC, and others.

- Broadcast Communications with (the right) Control - Nickelodeon wanted to interact with kids on their computers and phones but were limited by regulations around messaging with minors. We delivered a COPPA compliant desktop application called the Launchpad that allowed for anonymous interaction between Nickelodeon Network, the kids, and their friends. A key agenda of this award-winning, innovative communications project was to encourage kids off Digital and understand how to live healthier more balanced lives. Popular Nick characters like Sponge Bob were integrated into the process to motivate participation and to feed the PR machine for Viacom's corporate positioning.

- Digital for Analog Sales. The goal of Earth Shoes is to use the most relevant Web and Mobile tools to drive qualified buyers into brick-and-mortar retailers.  This is the Holy Grail of  business since 90% of all purchasing is done in stores.  We are helping assess the most valuable Old and New Media solutions that builds awareness and positions the brand as a valuable choice ... and ...
sell shoes! 

- Customer controlled Social Media - Kodak was looking for innovative ways to engage prospects and customers. Their huge billboard in Times Square is an ideal promotional environment to allow people to share their Kodak Moments with a twist (of their mobile phones). To allow people to put their pictures "up in lights on Broadway", we are working with Kodak, their agencies Ogilvy and Deutsch, and creative technology vendor Aerva.  Go here to learn more about how you could control their billboard on Broadway and the Web.  To see the many ways to engage people thru Mobile interactivity, Social Media, and Digital Signage at events and retail, see this overview of Aerva.

- Using the right media to tell the right story - Enernoc, as the fastest growing energy company in the world, has a complicated story to tell. We connected them with the right marketing communications firm with industry experience, Captains of Industry, to create media that educates and inspires clients and prospects on their site and in the Customer Demo Room at their headquarters in Boston.Check out the videos here.

A few more items to share... if it comes up:

I look forward to working with your teams to discover and leverage the most effective Creative Business Development ideas and actions.

Contact me at and 617-331-7852