So, You Have A Mobile App… Now What?

Below is a slide presentation on the secrets of Mobile Marketing and developing your App... but first...
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So, You Have A Mobile App… Now What? The Magnificent 7 of Mobile Marketing


As you are thinking about the messages that will get your user’s attention, you can find inspiration in the Magnificent 7 of Mobile Marketing:
  1. Mobile is available anytime — all the time
  2. Mobile is personalizable exactly the way the user wants
  3. Mobile provides the perfect tool at exactly the right time
  4. Mobile is great for local information and alerts
  5. Mobile provides Instant gratification to engage or buy
  6. Mobile is customer service with 1-click-to-call
  7. Mobile can deliver more immersive media
Below is that recent slide presentation from Larry at Ballast Lane Applications with the many good reasons to invest in a mobile App for your business and some critical design choices to consider early on in your project... 

Why Invest in a Mobile App for Your Business?
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