1:00 Video Promo for the Boston Innovation Challenge

Let's solve problems together! May 5-20th
Please signup and please share... Thank You.

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Calling all Mobile Developers, Hackers, and Business Builders of all types! … The “Boston Innovation Challenge” is an Advanced Hack with The Boston Globe, Harvard I-Lab, the City of Boston, and more partners every day. The goal is to make connections and give multidisciplinary Teams (not just techs) a full 2 weeks to tackle designated topics that need our attention and YOUR participation as a Team Member, Advisor, Partner, etc.  The next Challenge, at Harvard I-Lab May 5-20, is about making Boston Better with Mobile solutions in 4 categories – Causes, Jobs, Startups, and Arts. Sign up to win stuff, meet partners, and help solve real problems together! Signup at www.BostonInnovationChallenge.com

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Call for Mobile Developers, MarCom, and Biz Builders- signup for Advanced Hack May 5-20 at Hi-Lab  www.BostonInnovationChallenge.com #BIC


Here is the :30 spot

The full 2:00 version with that fun "Sandbox" thing: