Mobile App Development Tools and Next Steps

Below is a list of several useful resources for you to utilize before, during and after developing a mobile app - thanks to the AMEX Open Forum.

If you need a more basic overview read my “What, Why, and How of Going Mobile" written for the Boston Globe's Global Business Hub.

Developing an app has become a much more approachable undertaking, which in turn makes the industry a lot more crowded. Thousands of apps are launched and streamed through the App Store and Google Play every day. How do you make your app stand out?

For starters, it's important to do your research. Know the common mistakes mobile developers and designers make during the process. Gather the tools you need and use them effectively to give your app the best shot at becoming the next Instapaper or Draw Something. There's even an app to help you build an app.

1. MobileDevHQ
An important part of the planning process is consumer discovery, a fancy term for how users will find your app. Think of MobileDevHQ as SEO for mobile apps. With it, you can track your rankings and competition, and optimize keywords for search. In short, you'll have a better idea of where your app is going and who is interested.

2. Android Style Guide
If you're creating an app for Android, this developer style guide will answer any questions you may have about app development, from wireframing to tracking progress after your app goes to market.

3. iOS Style Guide
If you're making an app for iOS, Apple also has a set of guidelines available for you to study before getting started.

4. App Cooker
From the beginning stages of an app's inception to organizing as you go, App Cooker is a great mockup design tool for anyone preparing an iOS app. Pricing ranges from $19.99 to $49.99, so you're not spending a fortune for your ideal structure.

5. Beta Bait
Looking for someone to test your app? This site is a social network specifically for developers and startups to find the right person to try out their product while it's still in beta.

6. Crittercism
It's inevitable that, while in or out of testing, your app may crash a few times. You can receive real-time crash and error reporting and live analytics with this handy service.

7. Stack Overflow
Looking for support or answers to your questions from other developers? Stack Overflow is a forum chock-full of advice, tips and tricks from other developers. The site allows users to vote on questions and answers, so you know which have proven to be more useful than others.

8. Apptentive
TIME FOR CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT - Appentive makes it easy to connect with the people within your app for relationships, better ratings and higher customer retention.


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