GET BANT! Timing is everything

We have been talking about the best materials and methods to communicate your message... particularly for Sales. Here is my "Selling Out" overviw)- A key concept is making sure you are negotiating with the right person at the right time. You need to know their:

BANT = Budget - Authority - Need – Timing.

Budget - Do they have one set already for your solution?
Authority - Who decides? What is their process for buying?
Need - Really... do they need you?
Timing - When do they need to talk to you and deploy you?

To dig deeper into how to qualify and really help your sales prospects, read this overview from Hubspot about how BANT is not enough... you can tell they are MIT geeks when they describe their formula:

Remember - Since "Timing" is the first step (but TANB isn't as fun to say), make sure you understand their personal and professional timeline... is now a good or bad time for them!? Ask when is best and play along those dates.

However you can demonstrate interest and build value by reconnecting around relevant (to THEM!)  items by keeping an eye on their PR/activities... and changes in the market - setup Google Alerts - - to email yourself about them and their competitors in the news.

First. know company calendars, budget and buying season, and  the annual cycles in their industry...

Here is an example from several years ago, but still relevant
(click to enlarge)

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