Wake Up and Smell the Code

What does a leader need to be these days? 

Renaissance Man... Jack-of-all-trades...dilettante... coder?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced his intention to take a coding class in 2012 via Twitter ('My New Year's resolution is to learn to code with Codecademy in 2012! Join me.'


Every leader has a responsibility to understand and how to evolve around the new opportunities and obligations in their markets.


The only way to leverage the market shifts caused by the Digital Revolution - the Web - Mobile - and Social... is to live it. Really - learn how to use your rig (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc) and really understand how the newly empowered consumer is your friend, advocate, partner, employee, etc.

"Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood."
                 - Helen Keller


You would be wise to also learn a little code... or, at least, how new content management platforms (like this incredibly easy Blogger system I am typing into now from my phone) are changing how you can and must communicate these days.At least experiment with Facebook and Twitter... and upload an imperfect but authentic video to YouTube.

"Communications" used to be just the PR Department... now everyone in a company shares what the company is - or should be.The cat is out of the bag ... and since "herding cats" is impossible ... let go of control and accept this new world of discovery along with everyone else. 

The walls are removed. How are you enforcing the outdated silos in your world?


Dig into Mobile... read my recent article "The What, Why, and How of Going Mobile" for the Global Business Hub at The Boston Globe / Boston..com - it's an overview AND set of action lists at: