My Home Energy Tips - Mobile $aves!

It's actually easy to do well by doing good.

MyHomeEnergyTips is a smartphone application that leverages the unique features of Mobile to help consumers make better choices about energy usage in their home. 

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The developer, Ballast Lane Applications, does great work - They are looking for brands and organizations to sponsor their own version... You can provide your customers (and prospects!) a simple solution to save money while delivering ongoing information about your services and related products.

Here are a recent presentation:

Here is a walk thru the App: More info...
Your company can very easily pilot a custom version or integrate into your existing apps. You can provide your customers your own branded version that helps them save money and earth’s resources while sharing your latest and most relevant products.

Energy savings starts with the choices we make every day about how and when to consume electricity. Many of us don’t even give it a second thought or understand how much electricity we use.  MyHomeEnergyTips overcomes this block by using the power and proximity of the smartphone to help consumers make smarter choices every day that can add up to significant savings.

Set-up is done right on your smartphone. There are just three easy steps.

1- Enter a few facts about you and your home.

2- Find your most recent utility bill and enter the price you pay for electricity.

3- Fill out a short audit or survey of the items in your home.

So, it’s as easy as that. No other equipment needs to be installed or maintained. All you have to do is follow the MyHomeEnergyTips “right tip / right time” approach and you can start making a difference to the earth and your energy bill.

MyHomeEnergyTips presents only those recommendations that make sense given the devices in your home, the time of day, weather and other factors. Behavioral research has shown that consumers need continuous “nudges” to take action that will provide benefits over time.

When consumers get these “nudges” the tip screen can also offer custom information such as your most relevant products and branded messages.

"Confusion creates inner shock," says Suzanne Shelton, CEO of the Shelton Group, a U.S. marketing firm that monitors America's environmental pulse. "And when consumers are confused, they just do nothing."

Your company can provide clear and relevant actions to your most enthusiastic consumers.

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