Simple and Sweet Spot

Success is everywhere. Focusing on where yours can be found is all about sweet sweet focus.

The best way to take action on what will work best to grow your business, increase sales, accomplish a team project, position yourself, or even be a better friend (sure, why not?) is to focus on the spot where you are at your best - and better than anybody else... easy to say but difficult to get at the truth. 

Concentrate on your "Strategic Sweet Spot" - a deceptively simple concept from Harvard Business Review (see start of original article) ... accurately assess your own capabilities and  really understand your client's needs. The sweetness you offer is what your competitors cannot.

Self-assessment is a bitter pill but it will cure what ails you... such as concentrating on areas that you have no right to be in! Rethink your Unique Selling Proposition with the help of your trusted network of friends.

What are you really... and who really cares? Remember the T.R.U.T.H - True Realization Under Total Honesty.

So, now that you have the "You" circle done and you know what value you really offer, it is now time to target and assess your best "Client" prospects!

Understanding your prospects real needs is even harder since they also struggle with self-assessment,,, particularly these days of newly digitized business models and disruptive innovators. Also, the changes from the Web are only a glimpse at the changes you need to make for your Mobile customer and employees. 

So, study your clients. Know more than they do about the opportunities just within their reach because of you.

Now, you are ready to determine "Them" - who your competitors actually are... your prospect's other choices and distractions.

Discover your Strategic Sweet Spot to stay focused on where you can be happiest and healthiest.

We recently had a great panel and group discussion on this at the Boston University Entrepreneurs Club presentation.  Startup folks love this simplified "Lean" focus stuff.