Watch the TechStars Soap Opera

Catch up on the 3 month business-model pitch race of 600 tech startups narrowed to 10 hotschots vying for a $3 million check. The winner announced soon at the famous Demo Day. I won't give it away...

Survivor - The Social Network - Freedom of Innovation ... all combined in a television series that is more compelling than any soap opera and inspiring as... how new businesses are run now. More info on Bloomberg TV.

Here is the trailer:

TechStars Trailer from Vortex Media on Vimeo.
Episode 1 -
Episode 2 -
Episode 3 -
Episode 4 -
Episode 5 -

And the final episode 6 below:

Entrepreneur interviewed the participants....

What are the key lessons other startup entrepreneurs can take away from the show?
  1. Startups are hard.
  2. Team really matters.
  3. Trust really matters.
  4. The right mentors can make an enormous difference for any business.
Jason Baptiste, CEO of Onswipe: Have unwavering passion and determination to do something you love and don't stop. If you hit a wall, run right through it. You'll get another wall, run right through it again. Just do it. It's very, very possible to achieve your dreams.

Caren Maio, CEO of Nestio: Follow your gut, but, at the same time, be coachable. Then, be open to new ideas and meeting new people. You never know what's going to happen.

Kevin Prentiss, CEO of Red Rover: It's all about people. The mentorship and relationships you build will be much bigger and last longer than any of the companies you start, and that's what matters.

Irving Fain, CEO of CrowdTwist: Stay focused, stay passionate, stay humble and listen -- a lot. It's a hard journey but incredibly rewarding.

Melanie Moore, CEO of To Vie For: Take every opportunity that's given to you. Build those relationships because they will serve you for the rest of your career.

Reece Pacheco, CEO of Build the product you want to build, have fun and enjoy it.