Strategic Sweetness

Last night's Panel Presentation and Q&A session was another great ePowerhouse event to "Make Entrepreneurship Easier."

At Boston University, my old stomping grounds (oh, yes we stomped), several of us panelists with very different experiences - and that's the point - shared startup secrets and answered every type of question from the crowd of entrepreneurs and wannabes.

Since we all need an entrepreneurial project (if you do not agree or need encouragement, call me ASAP), please come to the next event and participate in the ePowerhouse online resources... 

Two hours of conversation is hard to summarize but a recurring theme was around knowing what kind of business to build and how to sell. I believe the key is to concentrate on your "Strategic Sweet Spot" - a deceptively simple concept from Harvard Business Review (see start of original article) ... accurately assess your own capabilities and  really understand your client's needs. The sweetness you offer is what your competitors cannot.

See my overview post here about assessing your Sweet Spot...
ePowerhouse is an online innovation accelerator that houses interactive tools and connections for startups to succeed. We accelerate startups from as early as concept stage to the stage where startups are ready to raise capital. We analyze the top challenges that almost every entrepreneurs face and where most uncertainties are:
  •     1. Search for talent/building a team
  •     2. Raise capital
  •     3. Find marketing channels/promotion to gain the first customer
  •     4. Gain advice/mentorship and connections
  •     5. Find trusted service providers such as legal, accounting, and web development

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