Beer Googles

Google is Good. Some argue that these smartypants are controlling too much... I say, that on their road to global domination, they are providing great solutions to our business needs and personal satisfaction.

Check out Google's brilliant way to learn how to use Google - watch the below 13 minute video about the fascinating, complex, and collaborative process of making a beer with the folks at Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales.

Yes, you will get thirsty for a brew... but also for inspiration from the simple and free tools and services from Google like Google Sites, Moderator, Hangouts, Docs, and Apps. I run my business on them. Check out Free Apps HERE and their (only) $5 - $50 per person Services for Business HERE.

 Now onto the fine and funky art of making what Ken Burn's Prohibition Series call "Satan's Service"...