Stax of Real Data on What Works

Thanks Stax! Their Social Media Engagement report succeeds with a practical "reality check" assessment by cutting through most of the advice being thrown around about the value of investing resources in Social Media. The verdict is that there is proven value by combining "Social" elements to your existing communications and Customer Loyalty programs.

"Full Customer Engagement" means reaching your audience where they are while learning from and building a smart communication process. Sounds obvious... but complicated to deploy. However, the best thing about all this New Media is that it is flexible (sneaky even) enough to be applied across any of your internal/external communications and departments - product design, development, procurement, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and sales. Really.

Remember that the hard parts are the next steps (where we help our clients) - committing to a content communication strategy and then sticking to tactics that are bound to shift and evolve as you open up, listen, and react.

Are you prioritizing your Marketing efforts based on what you want or what your customer reacts to...

Simply, Sales comes from customers that know about and like you ... but valuable customer engagement means nurturing and earning LOYALTY beyond mere Facebook "Likes."

The buyer is changing.
How are you evolving with new opportunities and obligations? Are you shifting your business models? Are you discusing online/offline sales channel conflicts? Which vendors do you rely on? Are you making decisions faster (than your competitors)? Have you assessed the different types of customers and how they shop now? Do you know how much each are worth? Can you communicate efficiently to each type and make them feel like you are talking to them specifically?
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There is a proven, yet customizable, process to manage the steps to mazimize customer loyalty and sales! We call it AIDAR -  your customers need to go through these steps ... Awareness - Interest - Decision - Action - Retention

This process is part of our training sessions and includes:

- Admitting your real value and how to creatively get your customers to want to learn more and take "Action"... like making a purchase and sharing with friends.

- Knowing your customers (by listening) and how to make them feel understood and valued ... while using tech services to efficiently scale this process of personalized service. See the below data images.

- Meeting customers where THEY want to - in store, on the Web, on their phone (and on an old fashioned voice call), at an event, etc.

- How interesting, creative, memorable and shareable is your message? Here you need the magic that combines fun, value, and tech tricks.

- Commit to a NEW strategy for quick wins and a longterm system to keep customers happy ... and sharing ...and buying!

Get the 4 page report HERE - Then we can discuss your next steps...

Also - as you get to really know your customer, take a look at this infographic from about what your customers are doing across THEIR favorite media:

Created by: MBA Online