You Can Find Them Out There


Since your customers spend more time outside and away from you, it is smart to have processes to remind them to come on back (at their earliest convenience, of course). The smartest way is now through Mobile Marketing.

But getting new customers "out there" is hard - your prospects are busy, distracted, and not thinking about your brilliant offers nearby or (just as good) inspired by something nearby... this is where interactive Digital Signage is the answer.

In fact, multi-screen is the answer. A recent Nielsen/Google study shows better brand recognition when someone sees you on multiple locations, phone, TV, etc.

As you will see in the below infographic, screens are everywhere and ready for your most relevant message. How to be relevant? - - - when they are rigged to let you interact with your phone, that's when the value, utility, fun, and accountability kick in.

One of our partners, Aerva, has the solutions to make any screen or projection updated, interactive, and dynamic - meaning NOT a static printed billboard, but live Web content relevant to that location. HERE is our recent update on Aerva.

Below is an infographic about how Digital Signage is helping some of the world look like Times Sqare... and Blade Runner.

What can you do to take advantage of DOOH (Digital Out Of Home)?

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