Think Fun Virus

For the rest of August, have more fun. It will help inspire new and better ways to get back to work after the appropriately named Labor Day.

Have fun thinking about what your company's videos should try to accomplish as they help tell your story and position you as interested and interesting people worth remembering and working with... The term "viral" really means creating something that people will share and "distribute" for you.

Check out this SAI list of the most popular viral videos. From VW "Fun Theory" (13 million views),  make-up tutorials, flash mobs, the Old Spice guy ... to those skating babies (33 million).

The variety of topics reveal what millions of views (and your customers) want to watch - whether directly about a brand or an interesting topic that a company can sponsor. You can tell your most interesting stories without spending a big budget. Also remember that you can be successful without millions of viewers... just the right ones.

Let's talk about your message and how to get others to share it. We can start with clarifying (and re-evaluating) your true unique value proposition (USP). The first step is to have a simple and true single image... call it the back of a napkin... or infographic description,  See this post for ideas.  (share this link with your team using )

Next we can share the most simple tips about content creation - inexpensive cameras, and editing for YouTube ... and how make it easy to share by giving your email and site promotion forwardable links and Tweets to your most important "influencers." We will also consider using marketing campaign services like our friends at Promoboxx.

Lastly, Jonah Peretti, founder of The Huffington Post and BuzzFeed, discloses his secrets in this this presentation with these secrets about how your promo can go viral:
  • Engage the BWN - Bored at Work Network 
  • Pursue the mullet strategy: business upfront, party in the back!
  • Big Seed Marketing - pay for the seed, optimize for viral lift
  • Maniacs - target crazy people, not couch potatos
  • Mormonism - quality is not enough, build evangelism into your ideas