Show Up Everywhere

As Woody Allen says, "80% of success is just showing up" ... so make sure you show up on your customers Mobile Phones.

Simple advice. Complicated solution... but it doesn't have to be.

Remember that you have been here before when you had to sum up your entire company for your first Website. Here you go again for your Mobile Presence.

The secret to success is the same - get help from trusted experts.

We have done this before and also have a few experts that we trust. Contact us to clarify next steps for your own plan.

Consider how different (and superior) Mobile is for your Sales and Marketing. The mobile buying experience is different from a stationary browser-enabled one. There is magic in a customer's location:
- instant gratification to buy or engage with you anytime. It's a phone!
- at their "point of highest desire" including in-store product availability
- talking to customer service with one click-to-call
- finding you with GPS maps - destination/store finder/store maps

- bar code scanning
from any print magazine, poster, napkin, etc.
- all with pin-point accurate incentives like coupons and game-play points...

Need more facts about the growth of Mobile? Check out this updated list.

The first decision is to choose from these two tech platforms (we do both):   

1- "Native Apps" are all the rage with their quick lush content only a few swipes and pokes away (after an App Store search which is a different product for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.). 

2- Your more efficient and effective choice is an integrated (to your existing eCommerce system)  "Web App" that is easily found through any phone's browser. Plus html5 now allows for rich experiences.

For inspiration and an overview, check out Google's Guide to the App Galaxy to 1) Promote, 2) Earn, 3) Measure, and 4) Evaluate your deployment.

We will discuss all 4 aspects... particularly the EARN items!

Here are just a few more of the issues to keep in mind:

1- User experience (always first and should be)
2- Bandwidth availability wherever the customer is
3- Content rendering speed and with camera, GPS, mic,+
4- Findability of Web sites versus App stores
5- Leverage existing site promo - SEO, etc.
6- Updateability of new content
7- A/B testing of content (hard w/ Native Apps)
8- Security (always last and shouldn't be)

Are you ready for your close up?