Promoboxx for Retailer Awareness and Campaigns

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Promoboxx is an online co-marketing platform that connects brands and their retailers. Coke can easily manage coupons and sweepstakes that build leads and drive traffic for sales.
Use Password coke11 for access to the 4:00 video demo HERE.
Promoboxx provides a browser-based service enabling brands to launch, promote and track online promotions in cooperation with any number of local retailers.  Retails can benefit with no effort ... or, with just a few clicks, they can share Coke communications with their customer via their website, email list, and social networks. Coke helps them be more effective marketers!

Launch Retail Promotions in Minutes
- Sweepstakes and coupon promotions that drive online shoppers to stores.

Market Your Promotion Anywhere
- One-stop retailer marketing dashboard to share, email and publish promotions anywhere. 

Promote the Brands You Sell
- Combine local store loyalty, with the power of the national consumer brand.


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