Your Picture - Your Map - Your Story

Sharing what your business does is telling a story ... you need a simple picture that demonstrates the thousand words about your value.

Helping create yours is one of our specialties. Share this page at

Below are several visuals to inspire your own Business Model Map. This is a single image of the process that happens when you bring value to your customers. Call it an Infographic... or an Ecosystem Diagram ... or a Usage Data Flow Chart ... or whatever - just keep at it until yours is simple and informative.

More on this from Kissmetrics

Let's discuss which of the below formats suit you...

I like the first several below (since I am somewhat responsible for some of them). After "Ready-Aim-Fire" you will see more examples of design options for us to consider.

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OK... ready for yours?

Contact us... we will bring paper, pens, whiteboards, chalk, ... back of napkins...

For more inspiration, watch this video from the infographic portal

Go here to see more about how to develop your own "Infographic." See a few video versions here.

Lastly, below, Think Brilliant created  a clever parody of infographics using one...

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