Location +3

Today at AdClub in Boston the code was broken for retail selling... or at least it was kicked around a bit by the likes of Converse, CVS, LL Bean, and Bodega and other marketers looking for some clarity on how to grow sales on and offline. A key goal is using Digital Tools to drive Analog sales...

This has become our specialty (and should be yours) because 70-90% (depending on who you ask) of ALL sales happen in stores.

Some gems: AisleBuyer has a new term aCommerce = "Anywhere Commerce" ... See a Twitter stream of tasty nuggets from the presentations HERE. Mike at AandG shared a PDF of a good overview of the importance of a "4-D" loyalty program comprised of:
  1. customer
  2. spend
  3. location 
  4. sentiment
The "Game Board" of Location-Based selling is also revealed.

See our recent overview of Mobile-Commerce and "Proximity marketing"