Boston Cultivates Talent = "3 Words"

Great event last night by The Boston Globe at the beautiful Paramount - it was more of a Forum about how to inspire people to stay in Boston to thrive professionally and personally.

That's Nadira Hira on stage sharing ideas on how to retain employees that are Generation "Why."

The passionate panel of local leaders discussed how to build corporate culture that includes unique opportunity, shared beliefs, and fun. Moderator-extraordinaire, Scott Kirsner, has also created a nifty list of 17 Reasons To Brag About The Bay State.

Giving importance to this subject were Mayors and Governors insisting on cross-sector collaboration.and a call-to-action to "Show up and show it" (hence, this post).

Go here to read Paola Masadieu's helpful recap.

Above, Globe Publisher, Chris Mayer, offers an opportunity for the community to share their 3 Words for a dedicated site on this subject -

Below are more "3 Words" from the crew at the Boston World Partnerships after-party:

The last "3 Words" video project was from the Globe/BWP launch event. Here it is:

A key goal is for all of us to be more comfortable sharing what we are seeing, doing, needing, etc. So... to "Inform and Connect" grab your camera and share on your sites and anywhere else such as, the new syndication plans with Boston World Partnerships and the Globe - stay tuned for details.

Meanwhile, ask me (or anyone under 25!) to help you with your content creation... also consider getting the sweet ride I use at the Kodak Video Camera Store.