Blah Global - Buy Local

Group Buying like Groupon can get you deals ... it can also support your neighborly local merchants - fix the economy, repair the earth, and save our souls. 

The "Buy Local" movement is gaining steam again - this time with the digital efficiencies of the Web and Mobile. Now it's more about economic development and jobs than supporting local farmers (which is smart and yummier).

Local retailers can leverage these promotional communication services to merchandise and package products/services that do that magic thing of offering the right solutions to the right people at the right time. If Content is King... then Context is Queen!

Here are key elements:
- Works best for Services that are available anyway
- Sampling not just discounting (define a deal best for your biz)
- Demand Generation = exposure
  (even if random and unqualified (but local versions are popping-up)
- Demand Fulfillment - local merchants compete for you! Live!
- Next features:  Search, Mobile, Vertical, Custom, Rewards

See more from the panel I was on for the North of Boston CVB - Give to Get: Group Buying Services 

As the Web becomes a more mature channel (integrated with all forms of communication and collaboration), both consumers and merchants are are experimenting together to find what works best for all us loud mouths.

To inspire, here is a very interesting 30 minute interview with the CEO of Living Social (#2 to Groupon so they are trying harder):

FYI - The Boston Globe has also recently joined the game of providing more value by going more local with Boston Deals