Connecting Out There is "Everyware"

Below is a quick video and a presentation for us to discuss how you can connect with people using iDOH... interactive-Digital-Out-of-Home.

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Aerva - - has not only perfected a simple way to connect with people between their mobile phones and any TV screens,  they are also powering marketers that want a proven method to accomplish lead generation ... with Social Media ... on Mobile.

Call it Proximity Marketing.

Consider your bigger longterm agendas because this platform allows multimedia control across unlimited screens - including TVs, projections, browsers, and mobile devices. In fact, now your 10 year visionary plan can actually be deployed in 10 weeks.

Interact with customers, prospects, employees using Pic2Screen, Text2Screen, Poll2Screen, mCoupons, Twitter Walls, Facebook Video:

7 habits of highly effective interactive marketers:
1 - Automatically engage and dialogue with customers
2 - Mobile interactivity thru any phone
3 - Give back utility and calls-to-action on their phones
4 - Control all your existing Digital Media and data
5 - Connect with Social Media
6 - Command control of any digital screens
7 - One single browser-based Content Management platform

Watch this 1 minute video tour for some action:

Here is a detailed presentation on Aerva solutions with some case studies:

We definitely should call Proximity Marketing technologies like Aerva "Everyware."