"Mobile Madness" - an accurate definition

Last night was another valuable Xconomy event - the Forum on Mobile Madness at Microsoft's NERD addressed the major opportunities and issues around mobile that the prolific Wade Roush has cued up (as he does so well) in his Seven Questions That Will Decide Mobile’s Future ... also see his wrap-up here.
Yes that's a pic of geek search Wolfram Alpha's diagram versus  IBM's Watson ... and another pic displaying the many forms of input on mobile "devices."

Here is the question of the year - which mobile platform do you choose? A native App versus an html5 mobile website ... lots of good and conflicting issues around these 8 points:
1- User experience (always first and should be)
2- Bandwidth availability
3- Content rendering speed (and with camera, gps, mic, ...)
4- Findability of sites versus App stores
5- Existing promo compatibility - SEO, etc.
6- Updateability of new content
7- A/B testing of content (hard w/ Apps)
8- Security (always last and shouldn't be)