Who Owns the Air?

Fantastic presentation on "Mobile For Business" this morning at the North Shore Technology Council. See more on the NSTC Discussion Forum... add your comments ... agree... disagree.

But first...The Cloud is dead (already!?) says George Colony in this Financial Times video...He says it's now all about the "App Internet" and mobility. Read this Forbes interview for a look at how Apple is doing it right, Google and Facebook are doing it wrong, and what you should do... 

I agree with George that Apps are where it's at for content... but NOT for the more complicated and important "Mobile Sales Channel" - this means m-commerce sites (not just shallow Apps) that are designed specifically for the phone (not just a squished PC browser version), to take advantage of proximity benefits (automatic locator for store/product/service), AND not outsourced but built on your existing Web commerce infrastructure (for security, live inventory, content, and all the other efficiencies). 

Do you agree? When will bandwidth be sufficient to push rich "application-like" features through a mobile website? .

Here are some items from the Mobile For Business presentation:

Who owns the air in your locations? Here is an example:  Best Buy needs their own mobile presence when shoppers are on location using their own preferred mobile apps - which are, unfortunately, telling people about bargains at low-priced competitor Newegg

Other Key Points:
Always on
Enterprise mobility
Distributed Workforce
B2E (Employee)
IT Departments freaking out 
IRU/CRU - Individual or Corp Recognized Unit
- Phase 1 = Bring Your Phone To Work
- Phase 2 = Bring Your PC
   - because of Consumerization of IT
   - be cool or forget about it
   - Let's call it the Appleification of the experience
Cell Carrier Infrastructure - straining
Who is building your apps for your employees?
   - They can be as elegant and functional as the B2C ones
   - As inexpensive also
Thanks to the presenters today:
  • Chuck Goldman, Chief Strategy Officer, Apperian (www.apperian.com)
  • Joe Nocera, Partner, Advisory Practice, PricewaterhouseCoopers (www.pwc.com)
  • Joseph S. Sanborn, Managing Director, Head of Mergers & Acquisitions, RUTBERG & COMPANY (www.rutbergco.com)
Program Moderator: Ben Waxman, Principal, Benjamin Waxman Communications (www.btwaxman.com)