Cross-Company Communication

 The first interactive fireside chat 
(without the fire - but with real chat)

Aerva and Ogilvy worked together to produce this live interactive broadcast across 50 offices.

With the economy breathing again, many large companies are acquiring businesses at a fast rate and the senior management is challenged to integrate the workforce and culture. This company decided to leverage the latest technology to reach out and really interact with employees... the result is a a live interactive broadcast to 10,000 employees in 50 locations over 4 timezones using Aerva's mobile interactivity applications, Text2Screen, and Pic2Screen.

Throughout the presentation, the CEO  prompted employees to ask questions and make comments. People sent in text messages and were responded to immediately by the CEO. The technology allowed real conversations with 10,000 employees. Photos were also sent in, allowing the different locations to see and be seen. The live broadcasts were well received by everyone. The CEO asked the audience if they should do this again and the overwhelming response by Text2Screen was positive.

Now, with the right technologies like this,  companies of any size can have these kinds of interactive, and collaborative experiences at major events or small gatherings.