Numbers Roundup

Here us a roundup of the latest stats about Internet activity and Social Media from our friends at Awareness. There is plenty here to inspire conversation and support for your digital marketing agenda.

I cannot endorse this Disney video... and see the last entry that questions all Internet data...

General Internet

  • Number of Internet users, 1999: 350 million
  • In 2009: 1.7 billion
  • Number of e-mails sent per day: 210 billion
  • Number of Web pages that have ever been created: 1 trillion
  • Ratio of pirated songs to purchased songs downloaded online: 20:1 


  • Number of searches Americans conducted in March, 2010: 15.4 billion
  • Number per day: 497 million
  • Number per second: 5,750
  • Percentage difference in number of inbound links for companies that blog compared to companies that don’t:  97 (in favor of blogging companies)
  • Number of words in most common Google search: 3
  • Percentage of C-level executives who turn first to search engines to locate information: 63

Social Media (General)

  • Percentage of global 100 companies that use at least one form of social media: 86
  • Percentage of Fortune 100 companies that use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs: 20
  • Average number of social media platforms used by marketers in 2006: 1
  • In 2009: 8
  • Rank of Twitter among social networks with oldest user demographic: 5
  • Rank of 1
  • Rank of Friendster: 16
  • Percentage of online shoppers who have “fanned” or “friended” at least one online retailer: 56
  • Percentage of U.S. small businesses that have a company page on a social networking site: 75

Business Adoption

  • Percentage of U.S. small businesses that blog about their areas of expertise: 39
  • Percentage that tweet: 26
  • Percentage of survey respondents from B2B companies who said social media is regarded as “irrelevant” at their companies: 46
  • Percentage from B2C companies: 12
  • Percentage of business buyers believe all companies should have a presence in social media: 93
  • Percentage of B2B companies that maintain accounts or profiles on social media sites: 81
  • Percentage of B2C companies: 67
  • Percentage of B2B marketers that say they’re satisfied with Twitter’s ROI: 52
  • Percentage of B2B marketers who have sold something  via Twitter who say they’re satisfied: 66
  • Percentage ofB2B marketers who confess to not measuring ROI: 49
  • Percentage of client marketers that say that it would be unwise to ignore social media: 92
  • Percentage who say they have a social media strategy: 63
  • Percentage of B2B companies that use Twitter: 75
  • Number of IT decision-makers, out of 10, who say word of mouth recommendations are the most important source when making buying decisions: 8
  • Percentage of CIOs who prohibited use of social networking sites, such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, while at work in late 2009: 54
  • Percentage of C-Level executives who say the Internet is “very valuable”: 74
  • Number of words in most common search query: 3
  • Number of words in search engine queries that generate the highest click-through rate: 5


  • Percentage of Fortune 500 companies with blogs: 22
  • Percentage of small businesses: 39
  • Percentage of charitable organizations: 65
  • Percentage of companies in Asia with corporate blogs: 50
  • In Europe: 25
  • Average number of blog posts per month by Fortune 100 companies that have blogs: 7
  • Percentage of bloggers who are professional journalists: 35


  • Number of status updates are posted on Facebook daily: 60 million
  • Number of Facebook members in December, 2004: 1 million
  • In August, 2010: 500 million
  • Compound annual growth rate: 200%
  • Number of Facebook members on Jan. 1, 2013 if current growth rate continues: 6.5 billion
  • World population as of 10/1/10: 6.87 billion
  • Size of Dunbar’s Number, which is the theoretical cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships:  150
  • Number of friends in the average Facebook user’s network: 130
  • Number of users who regularly access Facebook through mobile phones: 100 million
  • Number of active Facebook applications: 500,000
  • Rank of Texas Hold ‘em Poker in list of most popular Facebook fan pages:  1
  • Percentage of Danes who have a Facebook profile: 44
  • Percentage of residents of the District Of Columbia : 125
    Percentage difference in the average number of wall posts between women and men on Facebook: 55 (in favor of women):
  • Number of languages into which Facebook has been translated: 70
  • Least-spoken language into which Facebook has been translated: Pirate (Argh!)
  • Topic of Facebook pages with the largest average number of “Likes”: Ice cream
  • Average number of fans of a Facebook page: 624
  • Percentage of Facebook users who live outside the US: 70
  • Size of original investment that launched Facebook: $500,000
  • Estimated market value of Facebook: $10 billion
  • Percentage growth in value of original Facebook investment: 2,000,000
  • Number of minutes people spend on Facebook each month: 41,900,000,000
  • Percentage of online retailers that plan to have a Facebook page by next year: 99


  • Percentage of Twitter users who are female: 53 
  • Number of Global 100 companies that have a Twitter account: 65
  • Average number of Twitter accounts among Fortune 100 companies that use Twitter: 4.2
  • Percentage difference in monthly leads generated by companies with more than 500 Twitter followers compared to companies with between 21 and 100 followers: 146
  • Percentage of Americans who were familiar with Twitter in 2008: 5
  • In 2010: 87
  • Percentage of Twitter use that is on mobile devices: 80
  • Percentage of active Twitter users who follow companies, brands or products on social networks: 51
  • Most popular topic among active Twitter users: Fashion/Cosmetics

And Finally…

  • Percentage of marketers that increased social media budgets in 2010: 86
  • Percentage of marketers that increased social media budgets in 2010, according to a different study: 66
  • How you should regard any statistics about social media: With suspicion