Viral For "Free" Distribution

Check out the below 3 videos listed at GoViral. The point is that they are both entertaining and effective brand messages distributed for free... by you. No, they are not free to produce, but there was no media buy.

Here are 2 related posts about the video you need to create... and have some fun with:
- Nine best practices for great online video storytelling:
- Michael Durwin ( Another alchemist claims to uncovered the secret to viral videos. Of course I disagreed:

Let these inspire you to produce something worth sharing. Below are 3 different examples:

- Ikea gets over 120,000 views, simply by giving away items after people "tag" individual products in the video itself. Brilliant. Cheap.

- Coke tells a great story with awesome (expensive) animation for a quarter million views fueled by World Cup Soccer.

-Cadbury's drumming Gorilla beats almost 5 million views. The soundtrack was expensive but the monkey outfit was not. Sales jumped 2% (that's a lot of chocolate)

COCA-COLA  "Quest" from Paranoid US on Vimeo.