So Kodak - So Interactive!

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The "So Kodak" campaign has kicked off with a colorful blur of great music and the coolest artists like Rihanna, Draake, Trey, and the charming Pitbull.

Aerva is managing this award-winning project and adding new "creative technology" services with Ogilvy and Deutsch. Such as the "Your New York Minute" campaign playing people's Facebook videos!

Don't you love that George Benson Song "On Broadway"? (Sing along with it on YouTube)

Kodak is letting you be there ... well, at least your picture on their huge screen in the middle of Times Square! 

This goes a step beyond User Generated Content (UGC)... this is UCC - User Controlled Content!

Aerva was chosen to help power the process with their Pic2Screen service. It is really easy - just email your photo to - you will be sent a code so you can "mobile text trigger" your picture to be up when you want it. They let you see it several times for maximum "exposure." Don't forget your text message in the Subject line of your email - it will be put up with your picture - Way cool!

You can try this anytime... whether you are in Time Square for New Years Eve or not. Check out this EarthCam to see your picture live - whenever you trigger it,

Here is how the process works (click to enlarge):

Watch a video of Rafael, one of  Aerva's developers, controlling the billboard with a text message!

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