You Want To Peek

It's horror movie season... and it makes me think about how people handle watching scary stuff - either in complete denial or with their eyes open (at least peeking at the truth).

Committing resources to your New Media options is more about attitude and time than cash outlay - both costly.  And it needs to be done with consistency and transparency - both difficult.

Transparency = Truth = Sometimes scary

Here is a key tip that is too often ignored (ie: denied): Make sure you ask for the truth from your partners, employees, customers, and friends. Consider the benefits of hiring an independent, 3rd party that is tasked with the unvarnished truth.

I am presenting around this topic with uber-great guru dudes (Gudes?) Todd Van Hoosear and Jeff Cutler at the North Shore Technology Council  breakfast program on Wednesday December 1st. More details to come as we get closer... but since it's about Social Media, it will be fresh and fun.

Meanwhile, get a feel for the NSTC with this video that Ted Reed produced:

NSTC promo from Ted Reed on Vimeo.

Spooky Bonus - Here's a little Geek-Style Halloween inspiration for carving: