BackM To The FutureM

Today is the end of a long week of about a thousand nifty  presentations/meetups/hangouts with the multimedia Digirati around Boston at FutureM

Lots happened...

... mostly the Internet "Industry" strutting for each other about how we Get It and need to convince those that don't faster than they want to.

I like these newbies... there are lots of them and they need our custom guidance. The urgency for them to participate in the "Future of Marketing" will become real when two forces demand attention... Opportunity for increasing sales has a more defined process and the new (exciting) Obligation to satisfy employees and customers is actually accepted.

In honor of "User Generated Content" and "Crowd-Sourcing" here are some posts:

Bostinnovation goes "out there" with Location-Based Services
... and at the Inbound Marketing Summit
Judy gives a nice take on Keynotes and sessions
Fresh Tilled Soil talks about the design of Websites
Boston Tweetup promises what the week offers

More to come...