PepsiCo10 - "Startup in Aisle 3"

Checkout some of the most interesting online business concepts with the announcement of the PepsiCo10.

Bonin Bough and his team chose the 10 companies listed below for lots of smart reasons like "Performance with Purpose" ... but mostly for their ability to deploy digital marketing campaigns to consumers of Pepsi, Gatorade, Frito-Lay, Quaker chewy granol bars.

Pepsi was looking for "shovel-ready" hotshots in Social Media, Mobile Mobile Marketing, Place-Based/Experiential Retail, Video, and Gaming. They will get the budgets to reach you and support from mentors at PepsiCo, Highland Capital, Mashable, OMD Ignition Factory and TracyLocke.

Here are the winners that we will be seeing.... I mean experiencing... in some high-profile campaigns: 

A round of applause for two of our Boston friends - AisleBuyer and Zazu!

Place-Based and Retail Experiential Marketing
AisleBuyer: Mobile shopping platform aimed to improve users’ in-store retail shopping experiences by leveraging SmartPhone technology to unite the best features of both ‘bricks’ and ‘clicks’ retailing.

TableTop Media: First pay-at-the-table and digital promotion tabletop platform that uses aZiosk™seven-inch wireless touch screen device to provide guests at casual dining restaurants with an interactive and convenient ordering and check-out experience.

Mobile Marketing
MyCypher: Dynamic mobile platform that allows artists world­wide to create new music in real-time by turning every mobile phone into a mi­crophone.

Zazu: Mobile alarm clock and calendar reminder that orally provides users with calendar details, weather, email and news, allowing them to start the day with the information they need to make the right decisions.

Social Media & Marketing
BreakoutBand: Social music experience for teens that allows them to form virtual bands with friends, create original songs and com­pete to top the song charts.

FanFeedr: Real-time personalized sports feed platform, which allows users to pick favorite teams and players, and supplies them with the most-up-to-date collection of relevant news, videos, tweets, scores and information.

Tongal: Online platform that combines crowd-sourc­ing and performance games to harvest content from a worldwide community of creators for businesses’ campaign concepts, tag­lines, slogans, pitches, commercials, music videos, instructional videos, short films, animations and other rich media.

Digital Video and Gaming
Evil Genius Designs: Interactive technology provides mobile game play and entertainment to guests waiting in lines at amusement parks, arenas, conferences and more.

Miso: Social platform that allows users to ‘check-in’ to their favorite television shows to earn points and unlock virtual badges, share what they are watching and see what friends are viewing, and engage with content throughout the course of a program.

MotiveCast: Loyalty- and reward-based mobile gaming solution that uses augmented reality and location-based services to allow brands to discover and deeply engage with consumers in branded, fun, rewarding and highly interactive game play.

Grab some snacks and "check out" some cool ideas!