It's A Small World After All

Last night I moderated a lively panel discussion at the International Executives Resources Group with three experts of Global Marketing - Lynda Thomas of Thermo Fisher, Myles Bristowe of Comm Creative and AMA Boston, and David Wieneke of Sokolov Law and Thomson Reuters.

Many thanks to the friendly and interactive crowd and President Diego Tebaldi and, of course, Jessica. Here is an overview from the IERG site:  Members build and enjoy productive worldwide relationships. They include CEOs, COOs, managing directors and others with “senior” leadership responsibilities. All share a quality: global experience critical to success in the globalize business of the 21st century.

The below slides show the overview of the shifting opportunities and obligations of Marketers. The simplest definition is... Go Global Locally... and that it is really hard to do so. Some other highlights include:

- Big and small share the same New Media tools
- Big and mall share the same New Media confusion
- Use for your Contact Management Software
- Listen to your clients/prospects with
- Their Net Promoter Score says you are worth recommending 
- Clarity of content will position your relationship with communities (Tribes?)
- know Inbound Marketing and how search results work
- Local or global. B2B or B2C... keep it H2H
(Human to Human)
IERG Panel on Global Marketing 092710

The Panel:

Lynda Thomas
VP, Global Marketing Communications, Thermo Fisher
Laboratory Products

Myles Bristowe
CMO CommCreative,
Immediate Past President of AMA, Boston

Dave Wieneke
Director of Digital Marketing at Sokolove Law

Moderator: David Cutler
Creative Business Development
Sales Marketing Ideas at