Netweaving Revisited

A few years ago I made up a term, "Netweaving", as the best way to benefit from a networking event. The term has since been branded by Bob Litttell of 

Below is an updated definition after reading a great new book by Gordon Curtis called Well Connected (Amazon) - I rarely say that anything is a "must read" but you must read this! Gordon outlines simple, practical steps for the answer to the chaos of business... by concentrating on fewer but deeper relationships. Learn more here at the Well Connected site.

The sub-title gives you a clue on why I was inspired to re-visit my definition - "An Unconventional Approach to Building Genuine, Effective Business Relationships."

NetWeaving is simply, "What can I do for you?" rather than "What can you do for me?" The results are fantastic when people involve themselves in others' needs. In traditional networking, you show up to work the room and try to make a few contacts. At a NetWeaving event, all the people in the room are trying to make connections for each other.  

NetWeaving is connecting people, and positioning yourself as a resource to others.

It's more than a nifty philosophy of "what goes around, comes around." This attitude shift helps give you the key to business success... ready?... a direct and real learning of the needs of others. Plus you get the benefits of being challenged to draw on your full range of resources - interest, intelligence, and contacts.

As Social Networks grow and make it easier to connect, let's make sure there is quality, not just quantity, in the connections

So, listen for opportunities to bring new people together. Move around and make connections. Use your tech tools to cast a wider "Net" - Twitter and Poke and Post to your community that there is an opportunity to meet, and perhaps help, someone relevant to them.

Appreciative people will increasingly confide in you to maximize your guidance. That's where you get the truth about where you can really participate.

Netweave your network.... add your value and increase the quality of the connected users in your own version of Metcalfe's Law.

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