Sail On... the Winds of Change

"You can't direct the wind but you can adjust your sails."

Success is now measured on how well you can react to the new opportunities around better communications and collaboration within your company and your markets.

But deciding on what and how to change is difficult when everything is moving so fast. High winds are blowing in all directions.

Don't you cringe when a Social Media Expert reminds you to "listen to your community of engaged influencers" ... since it is so difficult to implement any of this into your business. 

The answer is in your attitude and expectations around accepting that adaptability is the new normal. As I mentioned last month, "Admit the Chaos" - it's OK, let it in. Only then can you see where you need to rethink your processes and trust your people to make the most relevant changes. How are you taking advantage of new sales opportunities and marketing obligations?  Do you have incentives for bringing new ideas to your company?

One of the most common areas where small changes can directly help your bottom line is optimizing collaboration between your Sales and Marketing departments. It starts with getting them to agree on simple things like who are the best prospects and what is the best process for closing business.

Changing (and updating) your Digital communications can be the most efficient way to automate and scale your customer interactions. But this is where the real chaos is... how do you choose which bright-shiny tech platform to deploy? And, just as importantly, WHEN each solution is best used. Check out this chart from a project with TechTarget:

More About Change

The metaphor I use for deciding on where to focus resources is Duct Tape on Concrete ... first, test (using Duct Tape) New Media, Social Media, Mobile, etc... THEN apply resources into integrating the best tests into your core systems (lay the Concrete) like CRM, MRM, ERP, Supply Chain, etc.

But it starts with changing your attitude about testing.... think "experiments that sell."

Below is a great quote from IBM's David Miller from his Industry Week article about how Increasingly complex supply chains and empowered consumers change how the manufacturer's world is connected economically,
The science and art of manufacturing is ready to be re-imagined, reinvented and reborn. We in the manufacturing industry have beaten the living pulp out of the old model; we've simplified, proceduralized, componentized, marginalized, commoditized, and then automated, accelerated, then Six Simgmaed and TQMed, and then beat on our suppliers and coddled our customers until we cemented our manufacturing operations into a proud mechanical monolith. But now it's all got to change. Get ready for the new era.
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