Reach Them Out There

Consumers are spending twice as much time out of their home than they did 30 years ago. We can talk about why over a summer sangria... let's look at how your business can keep up with them.

The Digital Screenmedia Association hosted a presentation about how your multimedia messages on Digital Signage screens is an important way to reach your audience "out there." When you combine mobile phone interactivity (such as a simple text message mobile coupon) a Marketer's goal of "engagement" is targeted, and trackable.

Read on below to see how it can also be easy...  also read my post here from the recent Mobile Marketing Forum in NYC last month

Arbitron's study combined the current myriad of networks at airports, bars, stores, etc, as actually being seen by 181 million monthly - that's 70% of all of us -  more than online video... and Facebook.

Razorfish presented these 4 main benefits of the DOH (Digital-Out-of-Home) video networks:

Remember that this "Digital Place-based Media" opportunity is impressive but still evolving and difficult for national media buyers. They must deal with disparate networks and multiple ad specs. Mobile phone interactivity is still rare.

However, you can deploy these benefits (and interactivity) at locations that you control. Think about what you can do in your lobby, trade show booth, around your point-of-sales locations ... with existing screens or a simple projector.

Give them information they need right then. Make it dynamic and updated with a date feed from your existing content, video, web site, Twitter, etc .Make it interactive with poll questions to vote on or their pictures or comments to share.

Watch here to see a video demo of how Boston is looking at different ways to communicate and interact around the city.
The point is that your business message can connect with your prospects out there.