Love That Dirty Water...

OK, so they cleaned up the Charles River. But ya gotta love the 1966 grunge by the Standells.

Anyway, I was interviewed by Boston World Partnerships recently so I thought I would share it here...

Boston Snapshot: Creative Business Development

1. Tell us about your new project. What are your objectives and who is your target market?
We are researching the best ways to bring innovation to businesses and their business models. The more established a company, the more they need to add resources to long-term, extra-curricular projects to take advantage of the great changes in their industry.

2. Who do you admire in your industry?
William Ghormley at Xconomy and several organizations in the region (like BWP) –

3. How do you see your field evolving?
Consumers have new expectations, therefore new methods of interaction need to be developed. Here is an example from one of my clients. Kodak wanted to engage their customers by allowing them to control and share their pictures. We helped them add user-generated photos to the huge Kodak billboard in Times Square. As consumers used their mobile phones to trigger exactly when they wanted to see their pictures, they were sent messages to further interact and “dialogue” with the Kodak brand. See this in action at

4. What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
Follow your instincts.

5. What is leadership to you?
Encouraging safe debate.

6. What’s the one thing Boston has that you couldn’t live without?
BWP (does everyone give this answer?!)

David Cutler is a BWP Connector and the Vice President of Creative Business Development.