Xconomy Marks The Spot

Xconomy once again provides the ideal environment to think, learn, and share. Yesterday was XSITE at Babson College. The speakers were inspiring and the conversation was deep and sincere...

Just what you'd expect from the curators of the "Xponential Economy" (growth where business meets technology).

There will surely be stellar coverage of the event on their site - meanwhile, below are a few of my highlights. But first, check out this video that I flipped - it has an especially fun soundtrack by Editor-in-Chief, Bob (Dylan) Buderi...

Encore ! (asap...)

Here are a few items that got the crowd talking:
- The XPrize gives money to inspire competition to fix important stuff like Space travel, Artificial Intelligence Physicians, Bionics, low-cost housing, mapping the ocean floor, etc... Contestants (all of us) are motivated by fear, curiosity, wealth, and significance (the last one is the best)

- Bob Metcalfe continues to deliver on his record of interesting and challenging presentations. Startup Incubators are hot again - Smart Grids are next  - Bubble's are good - Storage solutions are the key to the Energy market (LANs rock) - let's label Energy blue... let the Environmental market keep green.

- Robots are the only good answer for taking care of us aging Boomers.

- Rosie will be part of Litl's Smart Home and Webbook.

- John Landry moderated a rollicking "Angel Tsunami" panel where the rules are changing as fast as Laura Fitton can Tweet OneForty characters.

- WiTricity demonstrated wireless electricity. This company is now on the top of my list.

- Web access is a HUGE business... it took 20 years to get the first billion people online... the 2nd billion will take only 5 years.

- Enernoc is the the "Google of Energy" as the fastest growing energy company in the world!. Gregg Dixon was on the panel to help set our sites for a more efficient future... and explain Direct Response.  Check out their video by one of my Marketing Communications partners that specialize in this sector, Captains of Industry ...

EnerNOC: Helping Manage Energy More Intelligently from Captains of Industry on Vimeo.

X marks the rapidly evolving spot...