What do you own?

Does anyone remember "Wednesday is Spaghetti Day"?

Prince had the guts to pick a single day and own it. This put them on the map and in the aisles of grocery stores. Resulting, of course, in increased pasta sales every day of the week.

What does your Brand own?

The latest American Cancer Society's More Birthdays campaign is about birthdays (and not cancer). This is a nice example of rallying around something bigger and better than themselves. Birthdays are an easier topic than cancer.

The goal is to focus on something that matches your purpose and has a creative catch that your employees and customers can believe in. The ACS even tied in a successful recipe contest. The trick is focusing - smart companies are realizing that they can't get away with being everything to everybody. The community will easily call you out with a click and a vote and a blog and ... etc...

Look at your company with fresh eyes and ask you clients what they think you are. Then decide if you want to own that. I dare you to focus on what you really are.